Ever wanted to watch a short internet video with somebody. You know, when you find that funny clip on YouTube and you send a link to your buddy on IM. And have them watch it at the same time you are watching it—in sync—while you IM about it.

Most times, you and your buddy saves it to watch later—then gets back to you when you have long forgotten all about it. Or, they click on the link and head off to YouTube land, leaving you behind in the IM window wondering where the heck they went.

Almost two years ago, I noticed people would often get lost when sending videos links over IM. You know, when you find that funny clip on YouTube and you send it to your buddy. Sometimes, the clip is small enough and they watch it fast enough that you both can share a laugh. But, more often than not, the person on the other end of an IM window would minimize the chat, not click play yet, or get lost in finding that funny or compelling moment you are talking about. And then confusion would ensue.

Watch With Me

So we made Zync™. Zync allows people to share videos in sync over Yahoo! Messenger for Windows. You simply run Zync inside of Messenger and type (in the chat window) a video link to YouTube or Yahoo! Video. Volia! The video loads in a little player right next to the chat conversation and you and your buddy stay in sync. If you pause, your friend's player pauses in the same spot. If they rewind the whole video, yours rewinds. You both get to watch the video together like you are sitting on the sofa and sharing the remote.


Zync has been around for a couple of years, but recently things have changed quite a bit. Yahoo! Messenger has grown a into version 9.0. Flickr now offers video. And so, I am happy to announce a new version of Zync with faster load times and better compatibility with Yahoo! Video, Yahoo! Music (yay music videos!), Flickr and You Tube.

Learning and growing

We learned much from the last version of Zync; most of which you can read about from ACM MIR 2007 or DUX 2007 or CHI 2008. With this new version of Zync, we aiming to learn even more about how you share and want to share rich media with your network of social connections. So try it out, and send us feedback.

Get Started

Using Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 for Windows? You can get started by dropping a video URL in a chat and click "Watch With Me."


Happy Screening!


  1. I love listening with my friends, but my video on the messenger window is way too dark to watch, how do I find "help" on that?

    Comment by Carol (August 23, 2009, 5:00 am)
  2. Hii, Can I see a series of videos...like just place series of URL s and it will play one by one automatically by sync?

    Comment by Pandya Maulik (June 28, 2010, 9:49 am)

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