Koala is an experiment that provides Flickr users with personalized photo recommendations.

Flickr, one of the premier photo-sharing sites on the Web, serves billions of photos to millions of users. Despite this incredible volume, Flickr's search and explore features allow relatively easy content navigation---you can search for photos by tags, keywords, geo-location, etc. or explore the "most interesting" content posted to Flickr. Search works well when you're looking for a specific item and explore is great for finding overall popular photos.

But when you’re not looking for anything specific, or what interests you may be different than what interests other users, Koala can help you discover new, personalized content that is tailored to you Koala serves up photo recommendations based on your activity on Flickr. You can then tell us whether you like (or dislike) the recommendations, and we'll use your feedback to try to provide you with better photos in the future.

Koala was created by the Economics and Social Systems group.

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