Want to become a subject and influence the development of Yahoo's future technology?

We're conducting some pretty interesting behavioral experiments of people on the Internet. These experiments allow us to explore how people interact with each other in the online world.

In turn, we model and build our applications based on the feedback. After all, we believe that users are the best producers of Internet technology.

We invite you to test our experiments today.

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Koala provides personalized photo recommendations
for Flickr users

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The Investment Game
The Investment Game gives insight into the understanding of how people are influenced by their friends by allowing them to invest with each other in various types of social networks.

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Yoopick is a fantasy sports picking game that implements a flexible picking language.

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Pictcha is an experiment designed to improve security over typical text-based CAPTCHAs and enhance image search.

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Friend Sense
Friend Sense was an experiment tested on Facebook. Through a series of questions, it measured the perception that people have of their friends and family on politics, religion, education, culture, and lifestyle.

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Bursty Queries
Bursty Queries. Ever wanted to see how the world searches for current events? Using our Bursty Query algorithms, we can show you how current events "break" in real time.

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Traffic Flow
Traffic Flow explores a new technology known as "crowd sourcing" in which large volumes of small tasks are distributed to human workers.

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