Glimmer is our open source search engine for querying structured data extracted from web pages. Using our public demo of Glimmer you can search close to 1B triples of data provided by

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Amoeba is a new application to explore the buzz around trends in online conversations.

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InStore by Yahoo Labs is an experiment in comparison shopping on a mobile device. With it you can compare product prices, ratings, and reviews by scanning barcodes or searching for products, and then create your own shopping list, all on your Android phone.

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4Cast is a game of friendly competition where players cast their predictions on topics that interest them the most — whether it’s sports, finance, entertainment, or the weather.

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Predictalot lets you explore hundreds of millions of predictions, get the odds, invest your points, and challenge your friends. Sell any time, even mid-game.

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Shambling Hordes
Shambling Hordes - who is the best zombie leader?

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Motif is a retrieval system that attempts to answer a search query based on knowing the context of the search.

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