Yahoo 4Cast is a virtual playground for you to cast your foresight on the topics that matter to you the most – whether it’s the Super Bowl, or the weather.

When you log in to 4Cast from your Yahoo account, you’ll see a list of challenges. From this page, you can cast your prediction on just about any topic, from the stock market, to celebrity fashion. You can also respond to other users’ forecasts and follow your favorite users.

While you’re there, keep up with what others are saying and join in the discussions about the hottest topics out there. You can quickly and easily view what interests people, what they’re saying about these topics, and what they think will happen in the future. You can chime in, add your words of wisdom, and share your opinions in a game of friendly foresight competition.

If you have an inkling for predicting sports, finance, or celebrity news, give 4Cast a try today.

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